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Purdue’s Best Kept Secret!

Don’t you hate it when everyone else is in on a secret and you’re not? That’s one of the biggest struggles on a big campus like Purdue’s – there are so many great opportunities that it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all. Nobody likes being left out of the loop and finding out about a good break just a little too late. But luckily for you, dear reader, I’m here to be your Secret Weapon and let you in on the sweetest deal you’ve never heard of: Purdue’s Cooperative Housing.


Chances are, if you’ve started looking in to see if Purdue is the right school for you, you’ve probably done most of your research on the dorms. Maybe you’ve gone out on a limb and looked at some of the sororities and fraternities on campus, or maybe you’re even considering trying an apartment near campus. I’ve had lots of friends who have explored these options and been happy, but I was lucky enough to discover Cooperative Housing during my freshmen year at Purdue, and it has been one of the coolest things I’ve ever been part of.


So what is Cooperative Housing? Coops are individual houses placed around campus where anywhere from 20-60 students live and work together. There are twelve houses in total – five for men and seven for women. Members of the Coop house cook and clean for themselves. We work as a tight-knit community inside the Coop houses; students in the Coop houses eat and work together, help each other out with homework, manage their own budgets, learn lots of valuable practical skills in leadership and teamwork, and – of course – have insane amounts of fun. Coop houses focus on creating relaxed, personal atmospheres that give you plenty of opportunities to grow, both as a leader and as a student. And since Coop houses are small, you have an easy time meeting great friends who will take on the world with you – or at least help you through that pesky calculus class.


Interested? I sure hope so! Over the next semester, I’m going to be keeping you posted, giving you facts about Coops and answering your questions, and also working on keeping you in the loop about how you can learn more and get involved. Don’t be left out of the loop any longer – get in on the best kept secret at Purdue!